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New Discovery Regarding BioShock Cheats and Saved Games

A Cheat Code Solution for Mac Users

Hello everyone! I have good news for those of you with newer macs (OS X 10.7 or above) who have been having problems with getting cheat codes working for your copy of BioShock. I know I’ve had several of you come to my office hours, where we messed around and looked for the User.ini file, sometimes to no avail. When we did find it, we ran into all sorts of issues with not being able to alter the files! Well, we may have a solution to that now.

Cheers to John in my last class of the day, who clued us in to this fix. Apparently, in that BioShock Options window that pops up when you start BioShock (the one with the button you need to click that says “Play”), there is a tab called “Advanced.” On this tab is a button that says something like “Change Options” or “Change Settings”–I don’t know exactly what, because of course I didn’t write the exact words down, and this button doesn’t exist on my version of the game. (I imagine many of you have surmised that my version of the mac operating system is a few years older than most of yours.)

When you click on this, it will apparently allow you to access the files just like you would if you had been able to follow the tutorial I provided for you. The “MacInit” folder is in there, and in it the User.ini file. (If you cannot find User.ini, you can also edit the DefUser.ini file, which is the same thing except for the fact that it sets the default. This means that if you use a cheat that causes the game to crash, you may need to delete it later. But you should be just fine using the Godmode cheat. This should help many of you out, as I know that gameplay takes much longer when you’re constantly fending off all those pesky Splicers.


New Information Regarding Saved Games

I also have some new information regarding how to use Saved Games for both Windows and Mac users. It appears that, unlike on my computers, for most of you, simply double-clicking the .bsb (BioShock Saved Game) file doesn’t actually work. So here’s how to fix this issue for most of you.

In Mac, the saved games will be located in that folder you access by clicking that “Change Settings” (or whatever it is) button that you use to get to the MacInit folder and User.ini file. It should just be a folder called “SaveGames.” See if you might be able to drag and drop anything into that folder. I obviously can’t try this–be aware that it just may not work. If you want to experiment with it, though, remember that I can help you after class or during my office hours. The worst that can happen is that we monkey with it for a few minutes and discover that we’re at an impasse, but no matter what, I’m happy to help.

For you Windows users, the most likely place that the saved games will be located is in your Documents folder, in a folder named BioShock. You should be able to simply drag and drop the saved games you download from Niihka into that file.

In both cases, the way you’ll access the saved games is to open BioShock and click the “Load Game” option on the main screen. Now here’s a think about BioShock and saved games. It’s not going to have the same name as the file. I named the files so you could tell them apart easily when you downloaded them, but the way BioShock classifies saved games is through date, time, and area. So here are the dates and timestamps of all the saved games I offered you, so you can tell them apart when you load them into BioShock.

A note about my saved games: because I was playing with Godmode and other cheats, and because I was playing in the interest of speed instead of completion, I wasn’t collecting lots of money, ammo, plasmids, ADAM, etc in this play-through. I did not kill Big Daddies unless I had to, and I only rescued one or two Little Sisters. I even ignored a lot of audio diaries, so you’ll want to really refer to the BioShock Wiki for those. I also didn’t do much weapons and plasmid upgrading, so my weapons and plasmids are a tad weak. This is absolutely fine if you’re playing with GodMode, but it may make life difficult for some of you if you can’t get the cheats to work. The good news that in Easy mode, money and ammo are pretty easy to find. The issue of getting ADAM, though, is a bit different. To be honest, though, my gameplay style doesn’t include a lot of plasmid use, so it is possible to get through the game with only the main three plasmids (Incinerate!, Telekinesis, and ElectroBolt).

Medical Pavilion

Feb 05 2013 4:45:50 PM Medical Pavilion

This saved game will load into the Medical Pavilion area, at the point in the game right before you need to deal with Steinman.

Neptune’s Bounty

Feb 05 2013 5:54:02 PM Neptune’s Bounty

This one will take you to the point right before you give Peach the photos. If you play up until Peach gives you the quest, and then you load this game, it’ll take out all of that tedious going around and finding Spider Splicers to take pictures of.

Smuggler’s Hideout

This is a very short level. Just play through it.


I’ve got a few different saved games for you for Arcadia.

Mar 21 2013 8:25:07 PM Arcadia

This brings you through the twists and turns of Arcadia, right to the point where something interesting starts to happen to the trees. I don’t really suggest using this one to skip ahead unless you’re finding Arcadia very confusing. You’ll miss a lot of stuff with it.

Mar 21 2013 8:48:41 PM Arcadia

This save allows you to completely skip the Farmer’s Market level. I still suggest that you wander around in there a bit, but this way you won’t have to spend all that time looking for the components of the Lazarus Vector. When you load this save, you have all the components. Simply invent the Lazarus Vector in the U-Invent machine right in front of you, and put it in the Central Misting Control unit.

Feb 05 2013 07:24:52 PM Arcadia

After you activate the Lazarus Vector in the mister, you have to hold down the fort while waves of Splicers attack. This save game will allow you to skip that. Useful if you’re not interested in dealing with the stress of fighting all those enemies.

Fort Frolic

Mar 13 2013 9:44:35 PM Fort Frolic

This is right after you’ve finished the “masterpiece” for Sandor Cohen. Another one of those saves that helps you avoid doing the little “oh, go get me these items” side quest.


Mar 13 2013 10:28:07 PM Hephaestus

After you get the mission to go to Heat Loss Monitoring and you find the EMP bomb, you can load this game to have it finished. Make sure you do explore Hephaestus, but finding all the components for this bomb is rather annoying.

Rapture Control, Olympus Heights, and Apollo Square

There’s nothing terribly difficult involved with any of these levels except getting from place to place. Godmode cheat highly recommended for these, though, since there are a fair number of enemies. If you start having trouble with these levels, come to me.

Point Prometheus

Mar 13 2013 11:43:38 PM Point Prometheus

This save allows you to skip the part where you have to gather all the components for the Big Daddy suit. As before, you should explore this level, but this will just cut down on time.

Proving Grounds

Mar 13 2013 11:58:08 PM Proving Grounds

Here, you’re finished with the Proving Grounds, and you’re about to get an ADAM gatherer from a little sister. And from there . . . well, you can’t save during the last level, so you’re on your own after this.


One note about this–Godmode doesn’t seem to work. So you’re actually going to have to fight for this one. Make sure you’re fully stocked on Health packs (fortunately, in my Saved Games, I’ve got plenty for you), and have as much ammo as possible. There is one cheat that works here called PlayersOnly, which freezes all your enemies in place but allows you to move around. I found this cheat VERY useful for the end battle. Otherwise, just give him all you’ve got with your weapons, drain his ADAM as soon as he goes back to his “recharging station” thing, and use the health packs to make sure you don’t die!


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