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Apologies to those of you who scoured my blog last night looking for this post. Last night I was attacked by the Evil Headache of Doom and was forced to beat a hasty retreat into a nice, dark, quiet cave. So here it is now. We’ll pretend I’m writing a paper on postmodern features of writing style in The Road.


Banco, Lindsey. “Contractions in Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.” The Explicator 68.4 (2010): 276-79. MLA International Bibliography. Web. 14 Feb. 2013.

This article explicates McCarthy’s use of contractions in The Road. The lack of apostrophes in negative contractions, Banco notes, is in keeping with the minimalist style of the book as a whole, a style she and other critics attribute to a reflection of the bleakness (she uses the word “nihilism”) of the world in The Road. However, she notes that the preservation of accepted style in positive contractions serves as a balance to bleakness and an emphasis of the importance of remembering one’s humanity. Although not a rigorous, multi-sourced contextual critique of the work, this explication is well done in a scholarly tone, and was published in a respected journal, and therefore is quite appropriate for academic use. In my paper, this can provide another person’s view on the purpose of McCarthy’s deliberate deviation from accepted writing practices, especially as, though I agree with Banco’s idea that keeping an apostrophe is meant to hold back the tide of bleakness, a reader is actually going to find more emphasis in the lack of one, which reinforces the bleakness rather than the preservation of human identity.


That’s it. Some of your annotations will be shorter than others, as generally the length of an annotation is fairly proportionate to just how much useful information is in the source.

One further note about blogs, this time in regards to your ones on reading: if you’ve noticed that you lost a few points on your last couple of blogs, it is either because your blogs have been significantly short, or because you haven’t been selecting, quoting (or describing in detail), and close reading a specific section of one of the texts for the week. Go back and look at my original example if you’re unsure of what I mean.


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